The Pan-Macedonian Association of USA in a duly convened meeting at its 67th National Convention held from July 8 to 12, 2013 in Litohoro Pieria, Greece decided the following:
1. We shall never accept, for the country of The FYROM, any name that will include the term Macedonia or any of its derivatives. We urge the Greek government to assess the pitfalls and potential damage to Greece by accepting a potential name for The FYROM that would includes the term Macedonia or any of its derivatives. The government of Greece should seriously consider the decisions of the Pan-Macedonian Associations worldwide, including Macedonian associations in Greece that they would never accept the term Macedonia or its derivative for the name of the neighboring country.
2 We acknowledge the critical economic situation in Greece, but our national issues are also of great importance.
3. The name Macedonia is unquestionably a historical and cultural heritage of Greece. The history of Macedonia and particularly its name are NOT NEGOTIABLE and as a paternal legacy cannot be ceded to others.
4. The permanent name of the country of The FYROM should express its multiethnic composition and thus shall permit all its inhabitants to co-exist peacefully.
5. The Pan-Macedonian Association of USA expects from the Greek Government, the Political Leadership of Greece, the United States Government, and the rest of the International Community that the final agreed upon name of the country of The FYROM, should clearly differentiate the polyethnic population of that country from us, the Macedonians.
6. We demand that the people of Hellenic origin residing in The FYROM be accorded all their human rights.
7. The Macedonian identity is historically and culturally Hellenic. We do not accept any concept of another “Macedonian” ethnicity and “Macedonian” language.
8. It is our sacred duty to continue our struggle for the rights of Macedonia. History demands it.
9. In the event that the final proposed name of The FYROM includes the term “Macedonia” or its derivatives, should be ratified by a referendum by the Greek people.
10. The final name of The FYROM should be reflected in its constitution.
11. We support the existence of the country north of Greece with the interim name of The FYROM. We support its efforts to join the EU and NATO, provided its final official name does not include the term “Macedonia” or its derivatives. Further, we harbor no animosity or any ill feelings towards its citizens or its Diaspora. Furthermore we expect good neighborly relations as an additional criterion for its Euro-Atlantic integration.